March 30, 2010

    A Few Notes for Readers

    I love food, and while I love photography - it's no longer my main passion. My kitchen is small, and poorly lit thanks to switching to all CFL bulbs that cast a strange yellowish tinge to my photos now. As a consequence, my posts here may not have the most glamorous photos - in fact, I'll guarantee they won't be. Most will be taken with my trusty Blackberry - not the world's best camera. The point to that is this - great food doesn't require a massive setup in equipment, time or even energy. I have a family to feed, so oftentimes photos are the last of my worries. I like to get my meals on the table while they are still hot and we can enjoy the complexity of the dish - not to let it get cold while I set up and snap that perfect photo for my blog.

    In the same stream, I will say I do not post recipes on this forum without either the author's permission, or unless it's something they've posted on their own site for free use due to intellectual property rights. I do always back link to the original authors and notate any changes that I've made personally to the original dish. I may give an accounting and a photograph of other dishes, but I will not post the recipe in it's entirety - so if you see something you love but I've not provided details, please look into getting the cookbook at your local library to give it a shot. That's how I get most of my cookbooks, and when I find one I absolutely adore, I order it directly from Amazon or another retailer.


    Anna Marie said...

    This sounds delish! I may have to try this one.

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